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Size does matter when it comes to getting custom and personalized service at a pharmacy.  There are many benefits of bypassing the big chain pharmacies, including:

  • Less Wait Time

  • Personal Service

  • Faster Refills

  • Custom Compounds

The Pharmacists at Medsync are highly qualified, and happy to give you the time that you need to make sure you leave our pharmacy completely informed about your medications. 


We are available to answer all of your questions regarding your prescriptions, their side-effects and how you have been instructed to take them by your doctor.  Forego the hassles and headaches of the big store chains and franchises and enjoy being treated like a person, rather than just another person waiting in a line.

Please let us know if we can answer any more of your questions.  Medsync accepts Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare and Commercial insurance.

If you would like to reach our email box, please fill out the information below and we will respond to you as soon as we can.  Or, If you would like us to call your pharmacy and transfer your prescriptions over to Medsync Pharmacy, please type in the box below and tell us which pharmacy you are currently getting your medication from and we will be happy to initiate a transfer.  Please tell us the name of the medication, the milligram dosage and the quantity.  Thank you.

  Hurry while supplies last!  Try the personalized service of an independently owned Pharmacy!  Mention the Promo Code “Affordable”.

We are conveniently located near valley ride bus stops at Vista and Cassia

Limited Time! 60-day supply of multivitamins for only $1.99!

(Two for the price of One)


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