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We now have available low cost alternative to Viagra tablets.

Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra is now available in a generic 20mg tablet and it is MUCH cheaper than Viagra.

It is Medsync Pharmacyʻs desire to assist you in reducing your patientʻs cost and increasing their ability to pay for their ED medication.

We CANNOT substitute any prescription (or refill) written for Viagra without a phone call to the prescriber to get authorization for Silenaphil 20mg.

Ex: Five 20mg tablets of Sildenafil is equivalent to one 100mg Viagra.

Price: 50 Sildenafil 20mg (ten 100mg doses) $50 VS. $300 for ten Viagra 100mg.


We now have available the best and easiest way to remember to take your medications.

Taking medications can get complicated, especially when you get older and you can't remember things as well as you used to.  EZ-Pac is the complete solution to this problem.  We will pack your daily medication dosages in three individual packages.  When it's time to take your meds in the morning, simply open your morning package and take all of your medications inside.  Repeat this with your noon package and your evening package.  It's very simple.  Every package has your name, medication name, and the date and the time of day you are supposed to take it.


One package with all your medications, three-times a day

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801 S Vista Ave, Boise, ID 83705
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Please let us know if we can answer any more of your questions.  Medsync accepts Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare and Commercial insurance.

If you would like us to call your pharmacy and transfer your viagra prescription over to Medsync Pharmacy, please fill out the information below and tell us which pharmacy you are currently getting your medication from and we will be happy to initiate a transfer.  Please tell us the name of the medication (example: Viagra), the milligram dosage and the quantity.  Thank you.