Let us make a video you can share at your students
graduation party and then on youtube and Facebook

Have a son or daughter, friend or loved one graduating soon? Are you having a graduation party for them? Creating a graduation slideshow is a great surprise and fun way to showcase photos from their childhood and growing up into the adult and graduate they’ve become! Here’s what you need to get started!

Your photos will be creatively framed and animated in various scenes and scenarios

  1. Gather old photos and video clips to include in your slideshow. Scour old hard drives or memory cards or bust out the shoebox or baby album and get scanning. You’ll want a great representation of birth to present time to showcase in the slideshow.

  2. Watch our tutorial on how number them, which will automatically put them in the order they need to be in when we get them.

  3. Pick some songs to play along with the photos.

  4. We will email you a dropbox folder to slide your photos into.

  5. We will deliver you a video file or a DVD.


100 Photos

Approx 3-5 Minutes • 1-2 Songs

Submit Photos after March 15


Submit Photos before March 15



200 Photos

Approx 6-11 Minutes • 3-4 Songs

Submit Photos after March 15


Submit Photos before March 15



300 Photos

Approx 11-17 Minutes • 5-6 Songs

Submit Photos after March 15


Submit Photos before March 15


We will deliver you a Flash Drive (Flash Drives can play on most modern TV's) or, a DVD with your movie on it.  We will also post it on our private youtube channel and you can share the link with your friends.

Please watch our demo graduation slide show

Never under estimate the power of a graduation slideshow. You’ve created a special keepsake and touching tribute for your graduate that everyone will love watching. Photos from the past are always fun to look back at. With the addition of a touching song and ken burns style pans and zooms, you’ve got a recipe for success! (just don’t forget to bring the box of tissues – there won’t be a dry eye in the room!)

Please let us know if we can answer any more of your questions.  

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