By using the perfect combination of ad copy, imagery, key words, targeting, landing pages, and lead funneling, the Internet gives you an amazingly effective way to find your customers and increase your business

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Paid advertising on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google AdWords is the place to be. We are living in a new era of media entertainment where more and more people are switching away from the television and watching their favorite shows online.  People are spending more of their time socializing online.  These platforms require new strategies, technologies and methods to drive success. Far from boosting your brand’s online presence alone, we tailor a strategy oriented around business goals, Key Performance Indicators, and campaigns that will increase your business.  We make sure your advertising is working by using promotional codes.  When a customer types in or verbally says a promo code (word) that they have seen on our advertising, our clients know that our advertising brought them into their store or to their website.

How social media advertising works...

Social media advertising enables two basic methods of reaching your potential customer.  The first method is magazine or "print" style ads, where they see advertising surrounding the article they are reading.  The ads target the reader of that particular article. If a woman is reading a fashion magazine, the surrounding ads are going to promote items that she potentially wants to buy.  Follow a company called JBZ Storage.  Here is an example of how we created an ad on two entirely different platforms.  Both ads had one thing in common; they have "Learn More" buttons or Google Link buttons to the same "Landing Page".  Or, the Landing Page can be bypassed with a phone call.  Read how this works, below:



Facebook ads are  similar to print or magazine advertisements, with one gigantic exception. The targeting capabilities reach much deeper than just "all things for women". In fact, Facebook is capable of targeting women in their late 20s, who are pregnant, who read fitness magazines, take nutritional supplements and have been searching online for fashionable maternity clothes.  You name the person you want to sell to and Facebook has the demographic data to find them.  Daly Imaging designs three-fold ad campaigns.  First, we write your ad copy, which includes the text for the multiple elements within the ad, headline, main text, etc.  Second, we will produce the visual element, which we think is the most important because that is what will make people stop scrolling through Facebook and read your ad.  We prefer to create short, animated TV style commercials for this purpose. And third, we create a specialized promotional landing page. 

(see  landing page below)

We create the landing page where the "learn more" button clicks to.

(see below)

We "build" your google ad campaign.

We write multiple Google ads for performance testing to gain the lowest price per click and achieve high relevance scores. 


High relevance scores lower the  cost of clicks. Relevance means that Google compares your ad wording, your URL, and your landing page to make sure they all share the same message.

We "build" your ad campaign within Facebook Business Manager by setting the campaign type, budget, target audience, etc...

We conceptualize and write your creative ad copy.

We create the audio visual element, usually in the form of a TV commercial.

Google AdWords are more similar to Yellow Page ads.  However, unlike the yellow pages, everyone carries a smart phone in their pocket and "googles" what they are looking for, 3.5 billion times a day.  That is a fact. Google AdWords, or "google pay-per-click ads" are shown to a less targeted audience for obvious reasons.  Mainly because your potential customer already knows what they are looking for and are trying to find with a google search. Whereas, with Facebook ads, you are finding them by knowing their professions, interests, ages, genders, hobbies, number of children, their children's ages, etc.  Both Facebook and Google have very useful applications when they are used together, and in many cases, when they are used individually.  We advertise on all of the social media platforms, however these two are a great place to start  testing your message and your targeting.


The Landing Page is the place where your prospect can get more detailed information.  This is much different than your website.  A landing page contains information specific to the Facebook or Google ad.  It is a one-stop information shop that elaborates on your advertisement.  It has a narrow and focused message and should answer most of your prospects questions about the item(s) you are selling/offering.  A landing page also contains contact information and a call-to-action.  In fact, you are reading Daly Imaging's landing page right now.  Here, unlike a website, I will put all the information that I possibly can on it to entice you to email or call our company and discuss your advertising needs.  We design and host the landing page so we can coordinate the landing page message with the ad message.  The landing page will have the "look" of your website.  Your landing page will have a direct link to your website and Facebook page, so your audience won't have to navigate to other pages to find contact info, ect.

Click here to view a landing page

from an active Facebook Ad



We prefer to create and control your landing page in order to keep the creative message consistent throughout your advertising. If your message on this page, matches the message within your advertising.  This in will enhances your relevance score and quality score with Google and Facebook, while decreasing the cost of your advertising.

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